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Pabla García Albizuri

by José P Ribas


Art from Argentina has been amazing visitors to the cute art gallery of “Can Tixedó”, in Forada - or “Buscastell”, as this splendid and genuine area near Sant Antoni is known by the locals.

Juan Colomar, the young businessman and gallery director, has presented a new exhibition, very refreshing, with a lot of movement and colour, happy and pleasant to see, full of novelty, talent and artistic creativity.

The exhibition was the latest collection of sculptures and paintings done by the Argentinean artist and art-professor Pablo Garcia Albizuri.

Pablo Garcia Albizuri was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1961.

Since he was very young, Pablo felt the call of the arts and soon he discovered his own capability and creative potential. He says it was relatively easy for him because he always had the support and the encouragement of his family to develop and continue with his studies of Fine Arts. Later, he studied Architecture and Urbanism in the University of Buenos Aires for over eight years, completing his high studies with courses of Modern Dance and Social Psychology.

After finishing his university studies, Pablo worked for several years in different artistic and professional projects in Buenos Aires, but his hunger for opening new ways and adventure took him to work for almost two years as a history professor in a remote school on the Argentinean border.

But the call of the Art was too strong. This, together with the dull and grey future that a young talented man can see and feel in such chaotic societies, with enormous economical and social problems, where the everyday material living takes most of the energy, with no time or interest for the Arts, as most of the South-American societies are at present, in which a sensitive artist seems to be completely out of place, and living by selling his art-works is a real “Mission Impossible”.

Those were the two reasons, the discovering and the study of the roots of the Fine Arts, and the look for a brighter future, where he could find a public to show and buy his creative works, so he could live off his Art, that helped Pablo to take the decision to leave his family and his country and travel to Europe.

So, in 1990, Pablo arrived in Firenze, Italy, where he lived for a time, visiting the museums and studying the classic master-painters.

Then, in 1991, after visiting Switzerland and France, Pablo finally landed on Eivissa.

His arrival on the Island was a revelation to him. He was enchanted, hypnotised and trapped by the clear bright light and its beauty from the very beginning.

Then, when he stepped down by the narrow streets of Eivissa’s harbour, with its cosmopolitan and colourful crowds, people from all races and religions living together with deep respect, peace and enjoyable, creative harmony, he knew that his trip had ended. He was determined to make this Island his new homeland and took the challenge of starting a new life, living off his Art and forming part of this tolerant and creative society.

Pablo has been living here since then, living off his art-works, sharing his time with his other job as art-professor. He loves working with adults and young children in summer courses organised by Sant Antoni’s Town Hall, where his works are shown in popular exhibitions.

“I feel really good living in Eivissa, especially when the summer is over and the people are more relaxed. Now, I feel invaded as an inhabitant of the Island. July and August is like a necessary and inevitable punishment, but we have to learn to live with it. It is better to think that soon it will be over and look ahead for the relaxing winter”, Pablo confessed to a local journalist in an interview given to celebrate his new exhibition in “Can Pou”, Eivissa, earlier this summer.

Pablo is an artist, painter and sculptor, also an art-professor, who is opening his own way through hard and very valuable work. He is gaining his own space and respect in our difficult world of the Arts with his creative Art-works that are being more and more appreciated by art-lovers and appreciated by the Art Galleries.

These works allowed Pablo to remain on Eivissa, where he already feels like one of us, living in a local finca in the country, growing part of their own fruits and greens (Pablo lives as an ecologist and a vegetarian) with his lovely wife and a charming young son. Pablo appreciates especially the tranquillity and also feels very discreet about his private life.

Let’s hope that they all will stay, living and working successfully with us for many years.

1961 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

1979-89 Universidad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pablo works on several architectural projects in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Works in several theatre decorations
Studies Modern Dancing and Social Psychology, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1988-89 Works as History professor

1990 He comes to Europe, Firenze, Italy

1991 He arrives to Eivissa, Baleares, Spain


1986 Sala “El Taller”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1987 Sala “El Taller”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1988 Editorial “Cerdos y Peces”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sala “El Taller”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1990 Sala “El Sabor”, Valencia, Spain

1991 Sala “El Sabor”, Valencia, Spain
Sala “Universal”, Valencia, Spain

1993 Sala “Es Mulí”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
Sala “Snap”, Valencia, Spain

1994 Galería Zarathustra, Brescia, Italia

1995 Galería “Las Dalias”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
Galería “Cap Cuadrad” Eivissa, Baleares, Spain

1996 Sala “El Grial”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain

1997 Sala “Can Pou”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
Galería “Vincent”, Lucern, Switzerland

1998 Sala “Sunset”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
Galería “Vincent”, Lucern, Switzerland
Sala “Can Pou”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain

1999 Sala “Sunset”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
Sala “Charly Buhler”, Bern, Switzerland

2000 “Casa de Vinos Argentinos”, Bern, Switzerland
“Canniballove Art-Shop”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain

2001 “Casa Can Fournet”, Balafa, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain

2002 “Galería Rodolfo”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
Sala “Can Pou”, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain
“Galería Can Tixedó”, Sant Antoni, Eivissa, Baleares, Spain

Pablo García Albizuri at work

All Pictures Courtesy of Pablo Garc�a Albizuri

Details: If you should require any further information about Pablo García Albizuri and his work then please don’t hesitate to contact this office at your own convenience.

José P Ribas