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by Gary Hardy

LiveIbiza Picture Postcards - Nine to Sixteen


In our Weekly Edition 040 of Saturday 1st December we featured number one to eight of the LiveIbiza Pictures Postcards, which are currently on sale here in the office at only one euro each.

Today we will publish the second set from number nine to sixteen, which will complete the set of sixteen LiveIbiza Picture Postcards.

Postcard Number Nine

Postcard Number Ten

Postcard Number Eleven

Postcard Number Twelve

Postcard Number Thirteen

Postcard Number Fourteen

Postcard Number Fifteen

Postcard Number Sixteen

All pictures © Gary Hardy (1982-1990)

Titles: These are the stories at the back of each of the LiveIbiza Picture Postcards from number nine to sixteen.

N° 9: Una sonrisa y una flor desde Eivissa

N° 10: Cae la tarde, hay que volver

N° 11: Honrando las tradiciones

N° 12: La madre tierra

N° 13: Muddling through

N° 14: Quite tantalising

N° 15: Flourishing in palmy days

N° 16: Home

Gary Hardy