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Weekly Edition 095: Saturday 21th December 2002

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by Gary Hardy

Merry Christmas 2002

First I would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas and also to offer my very best wishes to you all for a healthy, prosperous and a Happy New Year.

After much thought and debate I have now decided to stop producing The Electronic LiveIbiza and until further notice there will be a break from publishing and sending out our free weekly edition each Saturday. 

Toni our webmaster is currently making some beneficial alterations to our website where we will then feature all our previous articles that we have published over the past 95 weeks since our first weekly edition went out online Saturday 3rd March 2001.

All these previous articles will be catalogued to make it easy to access them and we will name this section of our website The Electronic LiveIbiza Archive where our readers will be able to go back and read the many worthy of note articles that were put together by our talented columnists.

Emily Kaufman our “History of Ibiza” columnist was in this from the very beginning when Emily and I started out together with our first weekly edition on Saturday 3rd March 2001. Since then Emily has written much about the ancient history of the island and she has also recently completed a 33 weekly series of an in-depth account of the Spanish Civil War and what effects this had on the island of Ibiza.

Sinclair Newton was the next to join our fold with his first “Sober Life” column which was published on Saturday 21st April 2001. With today’s article it will be a total of 88 articles that Sinclair has written on the funny side of life.

José P Ribas then came onboard with his extremely interesting “Island Ecology” weekly column where José told us in his 41 weekly articles a great deal about the lovely secrets of the island and its trees, plants, mushrooms, birds and the bees.

Louise Wright kept us up-to-date by writing 21 “Local News” lively columns and her first was published on Saturday 14th July 2001.

Kirk W Huffman made his debut on Saturday 16th August 2001 and put together 47 out of the ordinary weekly articles on “An Anthropological View” which illustrated the essential requirements of life such as the pig, salt and water here on Ibiza.

Martin Davies started his well-liked fortnightly column “Bibliomaniacs’ Corner” earlier this year on Saturday 16th March and served up a series of 21 exceptional articles on books that had been written by writers who had spent part of their lives here on Ibiza.

Harold Liebow was the last to join our cause with his “I Remember Ibiza” weekly column. Harold’s first article of 23 in his series from when Harold initially arrived here on the island at the beginning of the 1960s was published on Saturday 8th June 2002.  

We also feel extremely proud to have also put together through a lot of hard work 25 superb article on “Artists on Ibiza” of which 22 in this enormously popular fortnightly series were put together by José P Ribas. There were also three separate one-offs written in this sequence by Emily Kaufman, Harold Liebow and Sinclair Newton.

Therefore, nothing has been lost because this new section of our website will contain a mine of information which has become an encyclopaedia of words and pictures about this unique island of Ibiza.

Gary Hardy

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Sober Life by Sinclair Newton >>

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