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Weekly Edition 094: Saturday 14th December 2002

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by Gary Hardy

San Antonio Face-Lift
Part Nine: Reclaiming Land From the Sea

This week we resume with our ninth photographic series on the face-lift of San Antonio, when the 1992 summer tourism season had ended, by showing a selection of pictures that were taken as the work began to reclaim the twenty-five metres of land from the sea to make a way for a new promenade.

There are also pictures of the two new fountains operational in the Paseo de las Fuentes and one of Christopher Columbusís ship, Santa Maria, that the King of Spain provided for Columbus to make his maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to discover America, which was installed in the centre of the Egg in the middle of the roundabout at the entrance to San Antonio.

The wooden replica model of Christopher Columbusís ship the, Santa Maria, was made and then installed in the middle of the Egg by the renowned artist, Julio BauzŠ, who we featured in our Artists on Ibiza (Four) series, which was published in Weekly Edition 041 on Saturday 8th December 2001.

Itís Where The Nightlife Adventure Begins


Will Rise Again


Growing Enterprise


Smooth Operation


Another Walkover?


Growth Potential


Stage Something Special


Round Fountain Working in Paseo De Las Fuentes


Oblong Fountain Working in Paseo De Las Fuentes


Santa Maria in the Middle of the Egg

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (Friday 20th November 1992)

Gary Hardy

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