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Weekly Edition 092: Saturday 30th November 2002

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by Gary Hardy

San Antonio Face-Lift
Part Seven: The Egg Of Christopher Columbus

I gave an explanation in this column of last week’s edition as to why the Egg was built in the middle of the new roundabout to the entrance of the town of San Antonio, which was a tribute of Christopher Columbus.

Therefore, for our seventh weekly photographic series on the face-lift of San Antonio, which took place at the beginning of the1990s, we are showing several pictures on the finishing point of the Egg.

In these pictures shown today the palm trees have been planted the length of both sides of the new duel carriageway that runs along the sea front and the finishing touches are being applied to the new roundabout and the Egg.

However, there is still the arduous work yet to be started on reclaiming the extra twenty-five metres of land from the sea that will make way for the new promenade with its jetties for private boats moorings and the landing-piers for the beach ferry-boats.

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All Pictures © Gary Hardy (15th April 1992)

Gary Hardy

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