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Weekly Edition 088: Saturday 2th November 2002

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by Gary Hardy

San Antonio Face-Lift
Part Three: Men At Work

This is the third episode in this present series where we will be showing pictures from ten-years-ago as San Antonio underwent an optimistic face-lift.

In our previous two sequences there were never too many people in sight and most of those pictures gave the impression that the whole town of San Antonio was an out of season deserted seaside holiday resort.

For that reason, we thought it might be appropriate if in this week’s edition we concentrated at little on the men at work to show that there was a sufficient workforce out there to take on and master this huge upheaval.

I am also not too sure where this photographic series will eventually lead us to but it may very well be interesting in due course for some folk out there to follow how the face-lift added new changes to the original old fishing village of Sant Antoni de Portmany.

The Mixer

Lunchtime Rush

Ajuntament De Sant Antoni De Portmany

Promenade Turmoil

Unwind & Relax

Duel Carriage (Under) Way

True Line

The Dumper

Shovelling Concrete & Clay

Sober Debate

All Pictures © Gary Hardy (26th February 1992)

Gary Hardy

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