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Weekly Edition 082: Saturday 21th September 2002

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An Anthropological View
by Kirk W Huffman

News From Vanuatu

Our Anthropologist, Kirk W Huffman, finally managed to contact us this week by answerphone message from the Southern Hemisphere and it was a groundbreaking, historical, epoch-making event.

Here it is in full:

“Hello Gary,

“This is Kirk here.  I’m ringing you on the film crew’s satellite telephone from the Island of Malekula in Vanuatu in the middle of the South West Pacific.

“This is probably the first time that a telephone call has ever been made from here to Spain.

“I hope you are doing well and the LiveIbiza “Whiz-Bang” is going well.

“Best wishes to all the readers.  Sorry I’ve been out of contact for a while, but the filming has been going well.

“Okay, dokay, put this in the newsletter.

“Hope you are well and everything is going OK.”

Pictures of Kirk´s adventure have now arrived from Vanuatu.

Kirk W Huffman with his wife Yvonne
behind the film crew in the capital, Port Vila

Traditional Canoes in Port Vila Harbour
during 2nd Melanesian Arts Festival

Kanak group from New Caledonia dancing in 2nd Melanesian
Arts Festival in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu

Pictures by and Courtesy of Joy Wu

With them was an e-mail from Kirk’s contact in Vanuatu, Joy, passing on the news about his exploits which says:  “It was pretty hectic for Kirk and the others while here, at the festival all day every day and sometimes part of the evening… and then there was kava to be fitted in.  They were looking pretty tired.  I hope they’re not moving too fast in Malekula (it’d be hard to do).

“Well, here’s a couple of small photos to keep you going.

“Best wishes,” Joy (Kaiviti).

Kirk W Huffman

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