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Weekly Edition 069: Saturday 22th June 2002

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by Gary Hardy

Antoni Pomar - Part Six (1978-1985)

In this sixth part in our popular series of pictures of paintings from the lifetime vocation by one of Ibiza’s most distinguished living painters, Antoni Pomar, we are now showing ten more of his superb paintings and this week there are from the years1978 to 1985.

Let me be clear about this: at every stage of his long career, Pomar has painted wonderful pictures. He’s a thrilling artist because when he performs, he doesn’t have a net to catch him if he falls because he believes strongly that the only important thing is the picture itself. That is perhaps why he has so many paintings “Without Title” and also one reason why he shires away from public statements and appearances.

Like all really great artists, Pomar’s work has continued to get better and better as he gets older. He is nothing less than a titan in the history of Ibicenco art and I stand in awe before his canvasses.

So as to keep everything together, all the pictures that we publish each week will be then added to the initial Artist on Ibiza (Fifteen) that was written by José P Ribas and published in Weekly Edition 063 on Saturday 11th May 2002.

Without Title 1978 Oil 73 x 100 cm

Without Title 1978 Oil 62 x 92 cm

Tres Generacions 1980 Oil 22,5 x 16 cm

Without Title 1980 Oil 121 x 193 cm

Without Title 1981 Oil 38 x 55 cm

Without Title 1982 Oil 88 x 128 cm

Without Title 1983 Oil 68,5 x 88 cm

Without Title 1984 Oil 64 x 53 cm

Still Life 1984 Oil 38 x 55 cm

Without Title 1985 Oil 65 x 81 cm

All Pictures Courtesy
“Sa Nostra”
Obra Social I Cultural
Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa
Ajuntament de la Ciutat d’Eivissa

All these pictures of the wonderful painting by Antoni Pomar have been taken from a marvellous book that was gratefully compiled and published by the local bank “Sa Nostra”, supported by the Works and Society of Culture, the Contemporary Museum of Art and also by the Ibiza Town Hall.

Gary Hardy

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