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Weekly Edition 063: Saturday 11th May 2002

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by Gary Hardy

Toni Pomar

This week we have the enormous pleasure of featuring one of Ibiza’s long established master painters in our popular fortnightly series of Artist on Ibiza.

I went along with José P Ribas on the last day of April for José to interview and for me to take some pictures of this exceptional artist and painter, Antoni Pomar, in his attic studio that is situated smack bang in the middle of the old part of Ibiza town.

Antoni Pomar has never kept any photographs of his paintings throughout his career and these we have used for today’s article by José are taken from a marvellous book that has been gratefully sponsored to be complied and published to celebrate the artist’s work by the local bank “Sa Nostra”

This marvellous book by “Sa Nostra” is a real treasure and we’ve decided that all the pictures of Antoni Pomar and his paintings will be published on these pages over the coming weeks until the entire contents from the book has been made available to our readers.

In this week’s interview by José P Ribas, we will start at the beginning of the book and include a picture selection of Antoni Pomar with members of his family, other well known artists and friends that he has accumulated throughout his extensive and creative lifetime.

This week’s column of José only includes a limited number of pictures of the paintings of Antoni Pomar, simply because, there are over a hundred pictures in the book which should take us several weeks to get through.

All the pictures of Antoni Pomar and his work that we be show over the coming weeks will be kept together and added to this week’s initial article by José P Ribas. This will eventually mean that our readers who don’t have the opportunity to get sight of this book will be able to enjoy the total contents of this book on the wonderful paintings of Antoni Pomar.  

However, here are some pictures that I took of Antoni Pomar during our interview a week last Tuesday.

Antoni Pomar  “Pinta A La Mar

Antoni Pomar sitting in his studio chair amongst local Mediterranean colours

Antoni Pomar passing the time of day

Antoni Pomar a peaceful soul

Antoni Pomar reflecting colourful magic for the future

José P Ribas with Antoni Pomar

All Pictures © Copyright Gary Hardy (Tuesday 30th April 2002)

Gary Hardy

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