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Weekly Edition 050: Saturday 9th February 2002

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by Gary Hardy

Ibiza Winter Technicolor - Part Three

I will continue for the third consecutive week to publish another selection of beautiful colour pictures that I’ve taken of the island during this particular period of the year to express yet again how dazzling the winter can be here on Ibiza.

Throughout the winter and spring the sky here is perfectly clear blue with the whole island constantly full of glorious colourful flowers spouting up everyday and the countryside is lush and green with a magnificent multi-coloured hedgerow.

These are the ideal days for folk you like to walk or take a drive around the island to discover parts that you would never dream of having the time to unearth during the hot and dry summer months.

A Horse Grazing Amongst A Field Of Colourful Wild Flowers

Large Haystacks

A Field Of Yellow

Almond Blossom

Ancient Olive Trees

A Spectacular Assortment Of Wild Flowers

Es Broll

A Country Lane Leading To Santa Agnès

The Road From Santa Agnès To San Mateo

Winter Sunset With The Island Of Conejera In The Foreground And The Mainland Of Spain In The Background

All Pictures © Gary Hardy

The mainland of Spain, which is over 80 miles away from the island of Ibiza, can only be seen clearly like this during the winter months when the atmosphere is clear of the extensive heat from the summer sun.

Gary Hardy

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