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Weekly Edition 038: Saturday 17th November 2001

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by Gary Hardy

Pictures of the LiveIbiza Team

At long last and as promised we are now showing you the faces of the seven members of our LiveIbiza team and these pictures were taken recently on the night that we all went for a feast together at the marvellous restaurant Rias Baixas in San Antonio.

It was a wonderful and memorial occasion because it was the very first time we had all been in each others company simultaneously so you can imagine there was lots of chit-chat and laughter as well as eating and drinking which went on that joyful night.

We all certainly hope it wonít be our last rendezvous but it does go to show that folk can successfully work independently and in harmony from a distance without getting in each otherís way.

Gary Hardy (Commentary)

Emily Kaufman (History of Ibiza)

Sinclair Newton (Sober Life)

Josť P Ribas (Island Ecology)

Louise Wright (Local News)

Kirk W Huffman (An Anthropological View)

Antonio Ribas Bamberger (WebMaster)
All pictures © Gary Hardy (November 2001)

Pause: Many thanks for your support and letís hope we can be fortunate enough to continue our weekly publication and maintain a healthy readership that will allow us to keep on providing you with good quality reading material and colourful pictures from this unique island of Ibiza.

Gary Hardy

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History of Ibiza by Emily Kaufman >>

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