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Weekly Edition 015: Saturday 9th June 2001

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by Gary Hardy


Drawn on my own experiences, hope has proved that short-lived environment is a delay in life but, if you discover Ibiza in the right frame of mind then generally before the summer blows, you will brake through to the other side.

Nevertheless, there's a level of involvement in absorbing daily events here on the island which makes it near impossible to go-ahead with would-be best-laid-plans on a day-to-day policy until a detailed working description has been mutually agreed for the benefit of all those concerned.

With hindsight we should always have to deal with problems but it's more important in which manor we chose to tie frayed ends. This provides locals here with assurance and furthermore gives added motivation that they are going to continue doing a thoroughly professional job of work for our tourism trade.

I am sure you will understand and must also appreciate wholeheartedly that it is imperative to establish, especially encouraging for the visiting holidaymakers, that you can't just sit back and hope for a happy ending because without spontaneity, you cannot possibly succeed to stand-up-and-be counted.

Therefore, we should all be fully committed to have responsibility and be prepared to put our energy and time into conducting a piece-by-piece inspection for this guilt-edged issue and think more about the welfare of the folk who come here to visit our lovely island.

Our heartfelt thank-you's since one knew he'd lived so close to the edge for so long that some day he was bound to get there because it was a long-premeditated polemic and savage satire against abuse and power.

Of course the idea is to balance the two and not to be irreplaceable because if you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. But how many of us can do that?

I don't see why we should look at the world in black and white, because we can all have a change of mind over logical conclusions and be more successful. It stands to reason that we would prefer to explain the truth rather than give a multitude of reasons why we should never feel too important to look in the dark corners for peace of mind.

If we all want to get stronger together then our minds should be rock solid from the perils of the go-it-alone and with hand-crafted guidance your energy levels start to rise, filling you with enthusiasm and self-confidence.

I believe that we are now on the brink of achieving something very special and it will be extraordinary with enormous satisfaction in getting our work done properly with some skill and panache because job satisfaction should be a major issue to us here on the island

Limit: It'll be fascinating to find out through common sense, working social tactics and straight-down-the-line management skills what uphill slog, downhill glory and shark-infested pleasures will come our way during this summer season here on Ibiza.

Gary Hardy

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